Ascend’s state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation program nurtures our plants to yield the most potent, high-quality flower, resulting in the best products available. From clone to harvest, our dedicated team of horticulturists support every stage of flower growth, providing optimal nutrients and climate conditions, and harvesting with care to maximize the characteristics of the flower.

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We leverage automation, when possible, but hand trim for our highest quality flower. Through rigorous research, development and testing our experts carefully select plant genetics to create cultivar that will flourish at our world-class indoor grows. All of our product is meticulously tested, tagged and tracked in compliance with local and state regulations. And, we have adopted low energy LED lighting and natural coco as our grow medium as part of our continuing drive to increase sustainability.


We seek to deliver our retail and wholesale customers with the finest quality cannabis and the ultimate consistency. Packaged to perfection, everytime.

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